05 Aug

Bangla Language support on WordPress Site

Now a days, Bangla is an well-spread language over internet. Every single person is trying to make something on Bangla, even if it is a small facebook status! We are really thankful to all the person behind this and making Bangla Language available everywhere.

On this blog, I will try to help you with installing/having Bangla Support on WordPress. I will try to keep this blog as mush simple as I can. Please note, there are many thing that needs to be describe but today i will let you know only about having Bangla support on your WordPress site. I will assume that you have already installed WordOress on your site/account.

Process for having Bangla is very simple and has few steps only, they are:

1. Visit the following link and download “bn_BD.mo” on your computer.

2. Login to your hosting account, you can either login via cPanel or FTP. Now, go to your WordPress installation folder, then go to wp-includes folder. Here create a new folder with name “languages”. Once you are done creating the folder, upload the “bn_BD.mo” file from your computer to the newly created folder.

3. Now, go back to the main installation folder and download “wp-config.php” file. Open it with an text editor like, Microsoft Frontpage or Dreamweaver.

4. You need to find the following chunk of code:
* WordPress Localized Language, defaults to English.
* Change this to localize WordPress. A corresponding MO file for the chosen
* language must be installed to wp-content/languages. For example, install
* de.mo to wp-content/languages and set WPLANG to ‘de’ to enable German
* language support.
define (‘WPLANG’, ”);

5. On the last line where it says “define (‘WPLANG’, ”);” change/replace it with “define (‘WPLANG’, ‘bn_BD’);”. Here we are putting the language file name without extension which is “.mo”.

6. Now, save the file and replace it with the file you have on your wordpress installation folder.

You are done with the job! Those were the steps for having your WordPress Site on Bangla Language. Now, visit the site and you will see the result, your WordPress site is on Bangla now! We know, now you want to know how to make new post on Bangla and how a user can make comment on Bangla. Well, we will try to write another article soon 🙂